“Stopping Ronaldo is The Only Way to Win” Said Bayern Munich Captain

Bayern Munich will face Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League semi-final on today. And in order to conquer Madrid, Bayern have their own strategy , which is they need to stop Cristiano Ronaldo, the man with the strength of 3-4 players.

“I have respect for Cristiano Ronaldo. He works hard for his success,” said Bayern Munich captain, Philipp Lahm.

“But we must work together to stop him. Facing Cristiano, we can never control it for the whole 90 minutes. But if we try hard and won’t give him many chances, then there will be a chance to beat Real Madrid.”

Lahm who holds a position as the defender is aware of the Ronaldo’s power, such as other Madrid’s player. But he is confident the team can win with Bayern.

“The two top teams facing each other, and we are not afraid,” said Lahm

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