Special Report: Part 1 – Real Madrid Saga Dead, Ronaldo Curse Saga Born!

Ron in the pot

Ron in the pot

The issue of the spell surrounding the world’s most expensive signing, Cristiano Ronaldo, is turning into a real saga.

Gone are the days when Ramon Calderon and Ferguson were fighting in a war of words for the signature of Ronaldo. The 24-year-old mega star has finally realized his childhood dream by joining Real Madrid earlier this summer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to the Spanish capital put an end to all the rumors and speculations that filled magazines, newspapers, websites, TV, and radio programs with ink or words.

In fact, the Real Madrid saga was ending to make way for a new saga: the Ronaldo Curse saga.

Now at Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t only have to handle pressure on the field, but also off the pitch. It seems like Ronaldo’s private life is taking over his professional career.

This is the result of Pepe The Wizard’s curse on Cristiano Ronaldo. As understood, the wizard – revealed to be Pepe, a 57-year-old professional sorcerer leaving in Malaga – has been contracted by someone personally close to Cristiano Ronaldo.

So if statements are to be taken into consideration, it means that Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life issues are the source behind the problems that he is facing in his professional career.

Ronaldo’s car crash in January 2009, Ronaldo’s failure to score in five consecutive La Liga matches, and Ronaldo’s injury against Marseille that has sidelined him for around one month are believed to be signs of Pepe The Wizard’s curse on the current Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the year.

Ronaldo surely had a good start to his Real Madrid career, but what is the future hiding?

The Real Madrid saga is dead, or at least looks dead, but the Ronaldo Curse saga is on…

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