Sneijder on Ronaldo’s transfer: good but unfair

Wesley SneijderReal Madrid and Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder is content with the fact that Ronaldo may join the Spanish giants this summer.

He said it would be enjoyable to play along side the talented Portuguese superstar.

However, he avowed that it would not be fair if Ronaldo’s salary were to be much bigger than other good players in the club.

He described Ronaldo as a player who disappears in big games, which underlines his opinion over the payment issue.

Sneijder expressed his enthusiasm in keeping Robinho at the Santiago Bernabeu. As a result, the Madrid number 23 revealed his impression that Cristiano Ronaldo could find things embarrassing in the dressing room.

The former Madeiran star Ronaldo sees himself as a well-grown footballer now, though he often states that he still has things to learn.

What if he is making a mistake concerning his decision to move from Manchester United to Madrid where many players are hostile towards him because he has been so highly rated by the club?

Whichever thing is better for him, a lot of experienced players have briefly advised him to be loyal to Manchester United.

Written by: Angela Asante

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