Save yourself from troubles, Great Ronaldo!

The markets are down, the planet is in crisis, and the world of football cannot escape from these disastrous financial effects!

Manchester United is one of the numerous clubs in the English Premier League suffering from huge debts – millions of pounds, I should say. Therefore, the issue of the players’ salary is becoming more and more serious.

Nowadays, footballers are young millionaires rolling balls on a pitch to entertain fans and honour the game of soccer. Money is certainly the key element that motivates them in the first place before anything else like loyalty and affection for their clubs.

Realistically, the day when soccer players will no more earn exorbitant amounts of money is not far from coming – unless rich foreign investors own all English clubs. But this possibility has strongly been rejected by the President of Fifa Sepp Blatter…

One club who is presently not facing any financial problem is Manchester City, Manchester United’s local rivals. The Sky Blues had the chance to be owned by Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim and his Abu Dhabi United Group.

The Billionaires have made public their desire to lure Cristiano Ronaldo out of Old Trafford, and this current world crisis that has also affected English football, could work in favour of Manchester City.

Earlier last month, Ronaldo shared his view on Manchester City’s new extraordinary fortune. The number 7 said that he was happy for the Sky Blues before adding that he does not see himself leaving Manchester United for another English team, and certainly not for their local rivals Manchester City. However, Ronaldo concluded that he did not know about his future and that above all, he was not the one who decides on matters relating to his career.

If Ronaldo moves to City for a fee in the region of £135 million, Manchester United would benefit of enough money to spare a big part of their current enormous debts. However, David Gill insist that Ronaldo’s departure to the City of Manchester Stadium is a ‘never’.

On the other hand, King Ronaldo should think about himself: should he stay a Red Devil player and face the horror of a financial crisis that will see him go down from a millionaire to an ordinary person struggling to find his money?

Would it not be better for him to profit of the attraction that Dr. Sulaiman Al Fahim has towards him?

Cristiano Ronaldo should think fast! Sparing himself from the worst that could happen to him is extremely necessary! Supporters of the Great Ronaldo, wake up!

Written by: Angela Asante

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