Sara Carbonero Respond About Her Critics on Cristiano Ronaldo

Sara Carbonero made a quick clarification about the fuse on her critics to Cristiano Ronaldo. At that time, the media wrote that she was calling him “selfish and individual” player. And when she attended the presentation of a branded shampoo product, she responded when asked about the critics.

“I spoke the good thing about Cristiano. I said that he wasn’t depressed, but he is just an ambitious player on the field, which is not bad, its a good thing,” she said.

“Then I said about how he got paid with a lot of money, it means there’s no excuse for anything(his failure). I don’t know why there’s so much hype on this, but I can guess why…..What happen is that everything were taking out of the context,”she added.

“I’m going to keep talking about sport as I have been doing for 7 years and I’ll continue doing the same, ”


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