Ronaldo’s wrestling fandom

With World Cup fever fast approaching and the beautiful game set to dominate our TV screens, European football fans will be looking to a select group of characters to entertain us both on and off the pitch.
Sitting pretty up front in the starting 11 of entertaining characters for reasons good and bad is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.
Portuguese Soccer superstar Ronaldo has been excitedly celebrating his bragging rights after Real Madrid’s Champions League glory on Twitter and is sure to bring some swagger to Brazil. Yes, you can bet on the World Cup that Ronaldo’s antics will be a big talking point at some stage.
He started showing his unique brand of speedo clad swagger at the opening of the Champions League final when he strutted like American wrestling stars such as The Undertaker and John Cena to celebrate La Decima.
The 29-year-old Real Madrid star upset his rivals with what they would consider an over zealous entrance on to the pitch.
WWE followers will all share warm memories of watching Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior on TV, but it seems Cristiano Ronaldo takes his fond childhood memories of stepping into the ring a stage further by including them in his own warm up.
The signs of Ronaldo’s WWE fandom have been emerging for some years. When wrestling hero Rey Mysterio paid a special visit to see the Real Madrid squad in 2010 and Ronaldo showed his joy and fandom of wrestling by posing for many happy snaps with him.
Certainly Ronaldo has proven he is a bigger fan than most, by emulating the walk to the ring which the WWE stars display on Raw and Smackdown – but before stepping on to the pitch.
So, who can predict what the future holds. Should the Real Madrid star’s career come to an abrupt end and his modelling contracts dry up, then perhaps we will see him emerge on Monday Night Raw. We can see it now, laying the smackdown, all the way from the hot blooded lands of Portugal, from the European continent, here comes The Stepover Sultan.

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