Ronaldo’s violent behaviour towards Scott Brown

Scott Brown

Scott Brown

‘Perfect Man’ Lionel Messi shocked the public after cameras spotted him spitting at Malaga’s goalkeeper in Barcelona’s recent game in the Spanish La Liga.

Now, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo – often described as a bad boy – who had a bad attitude.

During Manchester United’s game away to Celtic, Giggs’ late equalizer wasn’t the only thing that made the headlines.

Behind the highlights of the game, was Ronaldo’s misconduct towards Celtic’s Scott Brown. In addition to Brown’s regret as regards to his side’s inability to hang on with the 1-0 score line, the defender also feels sour bitterness in his mouth.

Ronaldo appeared to have shamefully kicked Brown on the touchline in front of the linesman. No red card, not even a yellow was shown to Ronaldo for his reckless behaviour!

Addressing himself to the media, Scott Brown poured out his anger, stating that there was no reason why referees should give a special treatment to Ronaldo.

Certainly, the linesman got his decision wrong on Wednesday night, but overall, is Ronaldo really treated in a different way that favours him unjustly?

Well, back to Ronaldo’s violent conduct against Scott Brown, there’s a feeling that Ronaldo is effectively becoming arrogant as some suggest, or perhaps it is just a matter of self-control…

Whichever way it is, fans of the Portuguese Star will hope that this incident will not go against their beloved player.

Fact: it has recently been reported – on Thursday precisely – that Messi is now the favourite to win the Fifa Player of the Year Award in January.

Written by: Angela Asante

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