Ronaldo’s First Real Madrid Red Card – Intentional, Ridiculous, Understandable?

Cristiano Ronaldo picked up his first ever red card in a Real Madrid shirt when Los Blancos clashed against Almeria in La Liga last Saturday.

The Portuguese superstar initially sustained a yellow card after pulling off his jersey during celebration. A few minutes later, he saw red for a second bookable offense as he kicked out at Almeria’s defender Ortiz who apparently put his arm in Ronaldo’s face first.

Today, Cristiano Ronaldo Fan wants to know what was behind this incident. Was it intentional from Cristiano Ronaldo to pick up a red card? Was it ridiculous for him to walk off with a few minutes remaining? Do you understand his behaviors which led to his sending off?

As Cristiano Ronaldo Fan analyzes every aspect of this incident, we also give you the chance to express your opinion and to share your advices with Cristiano Ronaldo and his millions of fans.


Cristiano Ronaldo had to play in pain during 65 minutes of football against Barcelona in El Clasico. The Portuguese winger was probably not completely fit ahead of Real Madrid’s match against Almeria.
However, with the pressure caused by the home fans, it was always obvious that Manuel Pellegrini would play Cristiano Ronaldo for the full 90 minutes.

Now, considering the player’s health issues, it could be that he intentionally picked up a red card in order to escape Real Madrid’s next La Liga fixture. (Remember that Cristiano Ronaldo is also expected to play against Marseille in midweek, so a lot of football action there for the man that just came back from injury some days ago.)


FIFA’s law of booking players who pull off their jerseys during celebration is well and truly executed by referees since four years now. Cristiano Ronaldo was never going to escape punishment after being shirtless but he could have saved himself from a sending off.

Less than five minutes remained but Cristiano Ronaldo failed to control himself on a night where his missed penalty distracted him.

Why picking a cheap red card when Real Madrid’s next game is a huge one against Valencia?


All these things can happen in the moment. Pulling off his jersey during celebration was just something that showed his relief to have finally scored after missing a penalty kick.

Even if kicking at the defender was unnecessary from a point of view, let’s just assume that he might have only sustained a yellow card if the strange and controversial law of booking shirtless players was not in place.

Which of these three opinions are more like yours? Tell us now.

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