Ronaldo’s extra ankle bone may benefit his striking ability

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo boasts an extra bone in his ankle, which may benefit his striking ability, giving him extra bone density when striking the ball.

A new book about the Real Madrid hero details how the bone was discovered. But it also claims that Ronaldo’s extra ankle bone gives him the ability to create his famous free kicks and shoot from tremendous distances.

The power, dip and accuracy he creates by kicking his foot up and down on the ball, adds extra spin and helps it out fox goalkeepers and find the back of the net.

Ronaldo’s quirk of nature was recently revealed in Luis Miguel Pereira’s new book CR7 – The Secrets of the Machine, and it is now common knowledge that the football hero has an extra bone his ankle, which only 10 per cent of the population have.

The extra bone was discovered after the Portuguese forward injured himself while playing for Real against Marseille in 2009, which required him receiving a course of intensive physio.

The condition at the time was thought to be Os Trigonum Syndrome, which is seen most commonly in footballers and ballet dancers who are constantly flexing their ankles and pushing their feet downwards, but in some cases it is present at birth.

The Portuguese captain, who became Manchester United’s first ever Portuguese player, was spotted by scouts early in his life, having already made a name for himself as one of Madeira’s top scorers by the tender age of 12.

He’s carried on his top scoring trend by overtaking the Argentinian forward, Lionel Messi, to be awarded the title of this seasons UEFA Champions League’s top scorer, for the second season running. Ronaldo is a sure fire tip for
World Cup 2014 Finalists Betting Odds to be the tournaments top scorer.

The extra ankle bone seems to give him extra powers when it comes to goal scoring abilities, he finished with an impressive 17 goals and is hailed one of the best modern day strikers. He is certainly one to watch at World Cup 2014.

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