Ronaldo: “what happened in the summer is finished.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

The transfer window is about to reopen in less than two months, but the war between Fergie and Franco’s Madrid – which everyone was expecting – is finally no more.

Manchester United succeeded in keeping their talismanic number 7 ace at the club, Calderon finally gave up his chase, and Cristiano Ronaldo took his own and ultimate decision of staying with the European Champions.

It took quite a long while for Ronaldo to decide whether or not he was going to quit England, and at a point in July, it really seemed like he was heading towards the Spanish capital; Ronaldo went as far as buying a house in Madrid as well as signing a secret agreement with the Spanish Giants according to reports.

At the end of it all, where but at Old Trafford is Ronaldo?

As said by Man United’s Vidic, the Portuguese Star was never serious when saying he would leave the English club – though papers exposed the matter like Ronaldo was determined to become a Galactico at all cost.

Ferguson was also definitely the one who prevented Ronaldo from making a ‘wrong decision’:

“Sir Alex has been the big inspiration to me,” Ronaldo told the Daily Express some times ago.

“I am here because of him. When he saw me playing for Sporting Lisbon against Manchester United, he believed in me enough to buy me. I’ve been here for five years. I’ve learned many things from him and I’m continuing to learn. He is a great manager. He has won everything in the game,” he added.

“[Sir Alex] was the main factor for keeping me here… what happened in the summer is finished. My head is focused on the club. My focus is solely on playing well for Manchester United and winning the Premier League and Champions League again. The summer is finished. My head is always here in the club.”

Now, Cristiano Ronaldo is considering improving his contract with Manchester United. And according to his agent, there is no possibility that the winger will join Real Madrid in the nearest future.

Written by: Angela Asante

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