Ronaldo: we must all fight in Madrid

Ronaldo trains in Ireland

Ronaldo trains in Ireland

Manchester Uniteds’s former number 7 ace Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken words about a couple of things regarding football in Real Madrid.

Ronaldo’s statements, which appeared on Real Madrid’s official website, emphasized the need for the Spanish giants to be cautious despite the presence of many big stars.

Cristiano Ronaldo pointed out Real Madrid’s new coach Manuel Pellegrini as a man under much pressure. He said:

“It’s a hard job for the coach, but we all respect each other. Competition is good. I am proud and very happy for being part of this group of players,”

“We must think about winning it all; that’s what Real Madrid is used to. We have great players and a fantastic coach.

“We will win, but if we don’t the entire squad will be to blame. I won’t be just me. I think we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. We have a great team and we will fight to achieve great things.”

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo has been enjoying training with the squad in Ireland.

“We are working together and getting to know each other. I will not reveal what our conversations were about, but they have been typical of those between a player and his coach. I hope to keep up the good relationship we have,”

In Real Madrid, things are not the same as in Manchester. Ronaldo told why:

“I had never trained three times in one day, but I think it’s a good thing because we do both physical and ball exercises. The difference really lies in the fact that these are different but equally good players.”

Many people now see Cristiano Ronaldo as a lad obliged to carry a big load on his shoulders and fire Real Madrid to success. But the 94 million euros signing thinks differently:

“I’m just another player who’s here to help Real Madrid. That’s all. I’m the same as the rest, neither better nor worse. In order to win titles we must make a collective effort.”

And sharing the same opinion as Zidane, he concluded:

“I don’t like the term ‘galactico’.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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