Ronaldo: The happiest day of my life

A Champions League final that had everything, what a drama. As many of you believed Cristiano Ronaldo scored, he did 1-0 with a nice header. Chelsea came back and equalized. The match went to extra time but without any goals the penalty-shootout was a fact.

Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up and was ready to take his penalty and he…..missed. What looked so good suddenly turned out to a nightmare for the superstar. Which soccer betting fans could have predicted that?

“I don’t know what to say, I thought we would lose when I missed”

But after that both Terry and Anelka missed their penalties for Chelsea and Manchester United won the title, despite Ronaldo’s miss.

“I thought it would be the worst day of my life, but the lads believed and we won it even despite my miss. I’m very proud of them. The penalties are a lottery. I think we deserved it because we played better in the whole game.

“Now it’s the happiest day of my life,”

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