Ronaldo: Team first, goals after

Manchester United hosted Fulham on Wednesday night in the Premier League in a game where a win would see them widen the gap to five points beyond second placed Liverpool.

Portuguese ace Cristiano Ronaldo started the game but it was Scholes, Berbatov and, substitute Wayne Rooney who grabbed the ball for the Mancunians.

This means that Ronaldo has missed the chance to go at least one better than Robinho in the Goal King Chart. The reigning Golden Boot winner is still locked on 11 goals like City’s number 10, behind Chelsea’s Anelka who has 14 goals in his name.

But scoring goals isn’t Ronaldo’s main concern.

The Star winger has repeatedly explained this season that banging a multitude of goals wasn’t his first target. Retaining the Champions League and possibly winning the quadruple with Manchester United is rather Ronaldo’s priority.

The 24 year old had often been criticized of being selfish on the pitch. But after showing his individual ability last season, the forward is now proving to the world how good of a team player he is.

There have been rumors concerning team news that Ronaldo will certainly not feature against Blackburn Rovers this coming Saturday.

Ferguson knows how strong and fit his squad should be to face Inter Milan later next week.
Ronaldo is yet to hit the back of the net in the Champions League this year. And if he dreams of retaining his top scorer award, he’ll need to find his killing instinct in front of goal as Messi and Raul are all in the running to clinch the European Top Scorer award.

Written by: Angela Asante

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