Ronaldo reflects: Real Madrid and Me

CR9 welcomed in Real Madrid

CR9 welcomed in Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo will enjoy the rest of his holidays in his native country Portugal. But before flying back to relax until the holidays are over, he has put fire in the pot.

In an interview with AS, Cristiano Ronaldo said that € 94 million was not enough for his value – a statement which will get on the nerves of many critics.
But Ronaldo, who still has the monumental reception at the Santiago Bernabeu in mind, stated:

“It was incredible. I could not believe what I saw,”

“It was amazing… unbelievable. It makes my hair stand on end just recalling the experience. I did not expect something like that.

He went on to defend the pride of Real Madrid as a great club:

“Ever since I can remember, Madrid have always been the most famous club, even in my hometown of Madeira. They sign all the best players in the world and all the great international figures.

“All the kids of my generation in Portugal talked about Madrid and that’s why it’s a privilege to be here. A young boy’s dream has been fulfilled.

Reflecting on his style of play, which he considered to be selfish in his early years, Cristiano Ronaldo ensured Madrid fans that he will be more the team-player that everyone wants to support. He said:

“There’s no doubt I’m less egoistical now. For sure, four years ago I was only thinking about completing a move by scoring a goal.

“But the experience has helped me to understand that when you are in a team and you become a team player, greater objectives are obtained. In Madrid, people will see a better Cristiano.

“It’s true that the Premier League is faster and more physical and you don’t get to stop for even a second. In Spain, you see more of the ball and the quality of the play is much more valued here.

“For that reason, I believe that with the players that Madrid will have, things are going to go well. I will work hard to adapt as quickly as possible and I do not think that it will be difficult to co-exist with so many other stars.”

Then speaking about Real Madrid’s legendary players, Alfredo Di Stefano and Raul, Ronaldo said:

“I met him [Di Stefano] on the day I arrived at the Bernabeu and it was a pleasure to meet him.

“The No. 9 is a mythical number in Madrid and it was worn by someone as great as he is. It’s the same with the No.7 at Manchester United, which is what I would’ve liked to have here but Raul is wearing it. Still, it will be a pleasure for me to play with the No. 9.

“Raul is a great player, someone who has written the history of this club and on top of that, he comes from the cantera. He has won everything in Madrid and he continues to play well, as you can see by the goals that he scored last season.

“It will be very good to play alongside him.”

The possibility of having Cristiano Ronaldo and Raul playing alongside was manufactured by a mega deal made by Real Madrid. Despite all the criticism surrounding the astronomical fee of this world-record transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo believes that he was worth this payment.

“Of course €94 million should be paid for me. Or more, I think more. Everyone says no, but I say yes. Someone will have to value me.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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