Ronaldo: Real Madrid? I don’t care what happens there!

Few are those who sincerely believe Cristiano Ronaldo after the ‘theatrical diver’ was the main person at the centre of last summer’s never-ending transfer saga.

But the Portuguese winger came up strongly before the beginning of this season to forgive himself on behalf of all the people involved in this story – and especially to Manchester United, club and supporters alike.

Since then, Cristiano Ronaldo has constantly retorted to rumours and speculations linking him with a move to Real Madrid. (See two super videos below, given to me by CRF’s Best Fan of the Year, Adrian)

Ronaldo’s Big Statement about Real Madrid

After sending out a strong statement by confirming that his Real Madrid dream was dead, Cristiano Ronaldo came up with yet another relevant declaration:

“I’m sure Perez would create an incredible team at Madrid,” Ronaldo said concerning Los Blancos who are looking to rebuild their administration and entire club.

“But at the moment I’m at United and I don’t care about what happens there. I only care about what will happen next season at Manchester United.”

He continued:

“At home there are no newspapers, we do not get them, in Spain it is harder because the papers always speak about these things. I am a little more distanced from those things, I am relaxed doing my work and playing and giving my best.”

Ronaldo is Manchester United’s top scorer for the third year running and can finish his campaign in spectacular fashion. The European Player of the Year might feature in Manchester United’s last English Premier League game of the season before participating in the Champions League final against Barcelona in Rome.

Juan Onieva: Ronaldo not for Madrid!

In the meantime, Real Madrid presidential candidate and former vice-president Juan Onieva, expressed his disagreement at signing Ronaldo. Speaking to Onda Cero, the Spanish man said:

“I wouldn’t go through with it. If I had to take a decision I would contest the deal. I think it’s madness,”

“I only know the terms in general; I haven’t seen the document.”

And replying to the interviewer’s statement that the deal was worth € 100 million, Onieva said:

“I think it is a little less than this, because the deal was made in pounds.

“In terms of the figures, as far as I am aware, it is not right to pay that amount of money especially in times like these. It’s almost offensive. Also I don’t think he is the solution for Real Madrid.”

The Spanish Giants have come out to deny the fact that Ronaldo might join their club, by releasing this statement:

“In relation to the reports that have appeared in several media in the last few hours regarding the alleged signing of the Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo, the club want to categorically deny said information,”

“There exists no pre-agreement, neither with the player, nor with his agent, nor with Manchester United.

“As is well known, Real Madrid tried to sign the player last summer and Manchester United made it clear that the player was not transferable.”

Hey guys, listen to this interview from Cristiano Ronaldo about Real Madrid (Sorry, it’s not in English!)

Ronaldo also won Portugal’s Golden Globe Award, did you know that? Watch this:

Written by: Angela Asante

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