Ronaldo plays half an hour of Champions League football

Cristiano Ronaldo returned to action on Wednesday night when Manchester United commenced its European season as the titleholders.

Ronaldo had to wait a bit more than an hour to start playing the game he loves the most.

He was creative as usual, his involvement in several heated situations in the last quarter of the match proved it.

Ronaldo had a shot on target and was just about to record a perfect return, but the strike was saved by the alert Diego Lopez. The winger was also very lively in front, dribbling with pace and style.

In general, the number 7 had an excellent performance. Who would have bet that he was coming back from injury?

Ronaldo has shown that he is still the exciting and performing player that we all know. Now, how long will it take him to inscribe his name on the scoring sheet for the first time this season?

Written by: Angela Asante

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