Ronaldo passed Hugo Sánchez´s record and now ranks fifth in the Real Madrid’s Top scorer list

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 209th goal with the White Team in a La Liga game against Getafe.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal against Getafe made him move up one spot in the rankings of most goals scored in the club´s history. The Portuguese striker scored his 209th goal as a Real Madrid player and passed Hugo Sánchez´s 208 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is now ahead of the Real Madrid legend in his fifth season on the White Team and he maintains a scoring average of just over one goal per game.

The Portuguese attacker has only needed 205 games to pass Hugo Sánchez´s 208 goals. The Mexican needed 282 games to reach his record. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has already scored six goals this year, has gone three straight seasons scoring over 50 goals and the next record to surpass will be Puskas 242 goals.

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