Ronaldo not to be in Spain this summer – Is Calderon a liar?

Has anything made more noise than the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga this summer? This story generated so many points of views, suggestions, suppositions, and rumours and in a whole, so many debates.

Now… the soap opera is over, finally! It seems Ramon Calderon – who described himself as a ‘spectator’ – has now ‘switched off his TV’ and almost forgotten about the soap opera’s leading character, Cristiano Ronaldo .

Calderon declared that Rafael Van der Vaart was probably their last signing of the summer and that should the Dutch man impress, then the Spanish giants will stop their chase for Ronaldo.

He affirmed that it was their desire not to bring in too many players. In the last two years, the Castilians had already transferred 19 good young players to their club.

Like Bernd Schuster always used to say, getting Ronaldo from Manchester United is awfully difficult and though no official comment has yet been done, it looks like Real has failed to let Ronaldo become a Galactico.

Thinking about all the conferences that were made by Real Madrid’s Calderon during the saga, there is an impression that the President was always trying to create impressions rather than being hopeful but realistic over a Ronaldo transfer.

Back in July, Calderon assured Nadal and the Madrid Board that the Portuguese’s deal was ‘done and dusted’. With the present situation, how may one judge this declaration?

Is Calderon a liar?

Whichever, Fergie has succeeded in his fight to keep his talisman Cristiano. The Scottish man may look old and quiet but he has proven to the whole that he has the strength to defend his dignity.

Written by: Angela Asante

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