Ronaldo must think twice

Sir Alex Ferguson

There is more to Ronaldo’s transfer than his unique decision of going to Madrid. Whether the truth is that Alex Ferguson wants to give up resisting Calderon’s Real or not, the manager has revealed he will consent on letting Ronaldo leave for Spain, if the player really insists on quitting England.

However, as he previously stated in a press conference on Monday, Alex again underlined his opinion that the 23-year-old superstar will be doing the worst mistake of his career if he joins the Spanish Champions.

Supported by Arsene Wenger who secretly criticised Real Madrid’s attitude in this saga, Ferguson felt no shame to reveal his thoughts about Ronaldo’s future. He stated that Portuguese winger might regret his decision of leaving Old Trafford for the Bernabeu in one or two years time if he indeed joins Madrid.

It’s funny how Real Madrid is involving other people in this transfer case; the Spanish giants have urged Chelsea to influence Man United to let Ronaldo go if the London club really wants to sign Robinho. They revealed that they would consent to sell Robinho to the Blues unless they possess Cristiano Ronaldo.

Well, now a great block representing Alex Ferguson’s side is forming as the saga continues and as things are heating up.

As a result, it could be dangerous for Ronaldo himself to be a Galactico. The young man must prepare to face intense pressure from his own teammates and supporters if he moves to Spain.

Moreover, Champions League big games that could see Real affront Manchester United or even Arsenal might be payback time for Ronaldo.

Written by: Angela Asante

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