Ronaldo: “I am with Manchester United in body and soul”

Too much talking, disgusting comments on Real Madrid against Manchester United, misbehaviour towards Ferguson and the entire club; these are some of the many accusations that a lot of football fans have against Ronaldo following what happened during the transfer saga.

After months of speculations, the player has finally decided to remain at Old Trafford. And this is what he had to say about Ferguson, who convinced him to stay:

“(Ferguson) was a key person. I respect him so much because he was the one that signed me and he has been very important in everything that I have achieved.

“In Lisbon I reached an agreement with him and we agreed that it was best for everyone if I stayed. I listened to his reasons and he listened to mine.”

Ronaldo’s recent form is yet to reach last season’s standard and though his ankle operation appears very much as the cause of this situation, many people suggest otherwise; some rather believe that this is the effect of unhappiness and lack of commitment in Manchester United.

However, Ronaldo insists that he is devoted, and that he made the right choice to remain in England:

“Now I realise that I made the best decision. I am with Manchester United in body and soul,” Ronaldo declared.

“God only knows the future. I want to state that I am a Manchester United player and I now believe that I will be here next season,” he explained.

Ronaldo was then asked about his dreams in the future, whether he will, one day, fulfil his wish of playing in Spain or not and he certainly gave the best response:

“I am a Manchester United player. I want to show respect to the club, to my team-mates and to the fans and I would prefer not to talk about other teams at the moment,” Ronaldo replied.

He also made comments about the possibility of him joining Manchester United’s local rivals the Sky Blues, after the club had expressed deep interest in signing the Portuguese ace at a huge price.

“That has never entered my head,” Cristiano Ronaldo said. “I could never imagine leaving Manchester United in order to join City.

“Well, I know that that when I was 17 a lot of teams wanted me. Real Madrid, Valencia, Juventus, Arsenal, they all asked about my situation,” he added.

But for now, Ronaldo insists that his mind is set on winning trophies for Manchester United and defending the pride of the club.

Written by: Angela Asante

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