Ronaldo double strike sinks Fulham

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a double and could have got his first hattirck against Fulham if it were not for Rob Styles bad decision. Ronaldo had to swiftly dive over fulham keeper Antti Niemi to prevent himself being flattened by the on-coming keeper. In the rules of the game the incident is conceived as a penalty, Instead of awarding United the decision, Styles booked Ronaldo for gamesmanship, a decision TV replays later suggested was incorrect.

“I try to do my job and I try to play honestly,” he said.

“I respect the referee’s decision but I do not have the same opinion because I thought it was a penalty.

“If you see the replay, the goalkeeper never touched the ball, so it is frustrating the referee gave me a yellow card.”

“His reputation from years ago is still playing on the minds of referees,” said the United manager.

“It is quite unfair because he is nothing like that now. He is more mature and a magnificent footballer.

“Why would he want to go down? He was on a hat-trick, he had gone round the keeper and he was brought down. It was a ridiculous decision.”

Nevertheless, Ronaldo’s double – his 11th for United – took his tally for the season to 13, just 10 behind last term’s incredible total.

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