Ronaldo dating Iranian model Niki Ghazian?

Following everything that happened during the transfer saga, Manchester United fans as well as football critics are wondering about Ronaldo’s commitment to the English champions.

Although the player has stated in an interview that he will play for United with all his heart and soul, he still intends to join Real in the near future.

However, above all the speculations over a Ronaldo move to Spain, the Man United boss Alex Ferguson is highly confident that the 23-year-old Portuguese will play for his club with the same devotion he had last season.

The English Premier League titleholders are even planning to extend Ronaldo’s contract according to reports.

Now, Manchester United’s concern is not about Real Madrid as regards to Ronaldo’s commitment. The Red Devils’ main problem is that Ronaldo presently focuses more on dating hot ladies rather than on playing soccer.

Manchester United has warned the talismanic winger to concentrate on his professional life. Ronaldo has been enjoying extended holidays because of his injury. And during all this time, the player has been scoring with party-girls, actresses and, models even though he hasn’t yet recovered from his ankle operation.

Letizia Filippi aka The Gaze is one of those women with whom Ronaldo is deeply in love. But besides the satisfaction that this 30-year-old Italian gives him, Nereida’s ex-boyfriend – Ronnie – can’t just get enough.

There is another lady that has captured the womaniser. Her name is Niki Ghazian, an Iranian model whom he spotted in the L.A. She seems to have grown in Ronaldo’s heart and mind from a simple party-girl to a secret lover. There are signs that a hot love story dispute between The Gaze and Ronaldo aka The Icicle will soon make the headlines.

Unfortunately for Manchester United, Ronaldo’s private life issues might reach to a point where it will be hard for the player to concentrate on his football career.

Written by:Angela Asante


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