Ronaldo: Barca game, my last for Manchester United; next up is a hop to dream team Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo could become the greatest comedian, teaser, and actor of all times if he indeed leaves Manchester United to Real Madrid this summer.
The World Player of the Year has said so many things during the whole of this season over his career future.

We’ve all heard on TV or on radio, or read lines over the Internet or in newspapers talking about Ronaldo’s many declarations that he is and will remain a Red Devil. But until when?

Will Manchester United’s game against Barcelona be the Portuguese Superstar’s last one?

From United: Ronaldo is leaving the Red Devils

Well, according to a source, it seems that the answer is ‘yes’.

“He looks to have made up his mind again,” the United source is quoted as saying in The Sun.

Indeed, Ronaldo might have prepared a plan, since the beginning of this season, to achieve the treble with Manchester United and leave the club after such a wonderful year. Certainly, it sounds intelligent for Ronaldo to end his Red Devil career in style – with a treble (possibly) of medals around his neck.
But it is also true that if he quits the Mancunian club, he might turn out to be the most hated footballer ever. Who will ever trust him?

Ronaldo is already in a state where is has to repay Manchester United supporters for misbehaving and disrespecting the club during last summer’s transfer saga.

“He is not saying it publicly with such a big game coming up next week in the Champions League final,” the source continued.

“But in his mind that will be his last. The fact Real trailed Barcelona in La Liga this season only makes the challenge more exciting for him.”

Joining Manchester United foes Real Madrid will portray him as a defiant player trying to challenge the size of a club. And this is a fact.

The opportunity for bitter battles between Ronaldo and Messi

What happens in Wednesday’s Champions League final will stir a fierce rivalry between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese’s individual titles and prizes are at stake; miracles from Messi in Rome will see the European and World Player of the Year fall from his throne.

But in case it is true that Ronaldo plans to make Manchester United’s game against Barcelona his last as a Red Devil player, then there is no doubt that the tension will be high on Wednesday. Ronaldo would love to win at all cost with the mission of finishing successfully at Manchester preoccupying his spirit.

Supposing Ronaldo joins Real Madrid, it will be an opportunity for him to clash against Barcelona’s Lionel Messi at least twice a year in La Liga.
The wounded giants from Madrid will also see the rivalry against rampant Catalans Barcelona renewed through the Ronaldo-v-Messi factor.

But at the moment, this is not the case. Ronaldo is in Manchester United; but again the question comes up… For how long will he stay?

Written by: Angela Asante

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