Ronaldo almost in Real

Cristiano Ronaldo is in hurry to quit Manchester United whether for the love of his cancer-striken mother or for his own dream.

Last week, the winger reported that he will travel to England and have talks with both Alex Ferguson and David Gill. Now, sources claim that Ronaldo is not going back to England, neither today, nor tomorrow and not even in the near future.

It was stated in The Mirror that everyone knows what Ronaldo wants and that therefore, meeting with Ferguson and Gill is not worth. Rumours claim that the Portuguese star has entered a secret agreement with Real Madrid. Consequently, if these rumours are true and that Ronaldo cannot make a move to Madrid, the player will have to financially compensate the Spanish club.

Now, the Spanish Giants are yet to make an official bid for the Superstar winger to Manchester United which will be a record transfer fee costing 70 million pounds. Despite the fact that Alex Ferguson has declared so many times that Cristiano is not for sale, La Liga Champions are still waiting for a possible move.

Ronaldo is currently recovering from his ankle operation in his homeland and it will be no surprise if the next plane he will take will send him nowhere else but in Spain.

Written by: Angela Assante

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