Real Madrid’s double game

The Spanish giants are without doubt doing all they can to sign Manchester United’s number 7 Cristiano Ronaldo.

During these last three weeks, they have been trying to negotiate with the English Champions; Real has also come up with different transfer prices – all of them being attractive enough to captivate Ronaldo’s mind and possibly push Man United to sell their uncommitted star winger.

On the other side, Real Madrid is imitating Manchester United’s game, which consists in trying to keep a player in his present club by resisting the opposition.

The Spanish Champions are currently concentrating on improving their image as regards to Robinho’s habitual comments against them; the young player has made it clear since last year that he wants to quit Madrid, stating so many times that he felt like a slave and that his salary was too low.

The Brazilian forward has strongly been linked with a move to Scolari’s Chelsea with a deal said to cost around 30 million pounds. However, in an interview, Ramon Calderon declared that Robinho was worth more than 60 million euros, and that the young man was not for sale either.

Well, the most ironic thing in these transfer wars is that if Real Madrid is lucky and comes out victorious from the double game, it will be hugely interesting to see Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, and Sergio Ramos all in the same team.

With Sergio Ramos’ private story with Nereida and with Robinho angered by Calderon’s previous decision to sell him as part of Ronaldo’s transfer deal, it will be very hard to predict how these three players will cooperate in Real Madrid.

Written by: Angela Asante

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