Real Madrid Victory Over a Friendly vs Hertha Berlin (27 July 2011)

Real Madrid achieved another positive results in pre-season match at the German Olympic Stadium yesterday, where they won 3-1 against Hertha German.

The host actually made the first goal on the match from Patrick Ebert in minute 18th. However, it didn’t take too long for Cristiano Ronaldo to match the point through his amazing freekick, 12 minutes later.

And less than 2 minutes later, Karim Benzema made the second goal for Real Madrid, and made the last score just a couple of minutes after the second half.

With this victory, Real Madrid have won their last 3 friendly matches.

“Scoring makes me happy, but I would be happy if we can win La Liga or the Champions League,” stated Ronaldo in Real Madrid website..

“I am delighted to scored, but my main goal is still to help this team win,” he added.

After facing Hertha, Real Madrid still have another four preseason matches against Leicester City, Guangzhou Evergrande, Tianjin TEDA and Galatasaray.

“So far, the preparation for this season is great  and we have to improve it. We still want to develop in ordering to start this season,” said Ronaldo.


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