Real Madrid to Win the 100 Point Challenge

The Spanish League competition is almost over. Only 3 matches left, and with 91 points in hand at the moment, there’s big chance Real Madrid will collect 100 points in the table standings, which no other club has ever collected in the history of Spanish League.

To make a new 100 point record, Real Madrid have to win all the rest of the matches, against Bilbao and Granada in away game , and hosting Mallorca at the last match.

Real Madrid best record was with Manuel Pellegrini back in season 2009/10, when they lost to first place Barcelona who collects 99 points.

But based on the first leg match against the 3 last clubs, Real Madrid will surely win the game (Real Madrid 4-1 Bilbao)(Madrid 5-1 Granada)(Mallorca 1-2 Madrid). And if they get through it, they will end the season with a fantastic achievement, as the first time ever to collect 100 point.



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