Real Madrid to Portugal: Leave Cristiano Ronaldo Alone!

Injured Ronaldo laments his pain on the groundIt looks like there is no sense of friendship between the Portuguese football federation and Real Madrid.

Carlos Queiros’ stance to have Cristiano Ronaldo in the national team for this weekend’s clash against Bosnia Herzegovina has sparked a lot of bad hit between the Portuguese and the Spanish giants.

Whereas Portugal want to boost their spirit with the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid want to protect their € 94 million prized player.

According to medical reports from Los Blancos, Cristiano Ronaldo could jeopardize the rest of his career if he plays for Portugal against Bosnia Herzegovina while being unfit.

Real Madrid are reportedly going to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo from leaving Spain although Portugal are expecting their influential captain to show up on Wednesday at least.

Based on information coming in from Marca, a spokesman at the club declared:

“Cristiano Ronaldo will not travel to Portugal. He will not be leaving here [Real Madrid].

“We sent all the medical test results on Monday to the Portuguese Federation. We also sent our results and those of Dr. Niek van Diyk in the Netherlands, and these clearly indicate that Cristiano Ronaldo is injured and can’t play.

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Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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