Real Madrid Goaless Draw Against Valencia HasTrimmed the Point Margin With Barcelona. Will They Survive Another 7 Matches Left ?

Real Madrid failed to maintain the point distance with Barcelona after a goaless draw against Valencia last night. With a 4-1 victory against Zaragoza a day earlier, Barcelona has trimmed the margin to 4 points. With 7 matches left on the league, including El Clasico, Real Madrid have to ring the alarm and get back to their last month performance in order to win the league.

Here are Real Madrid’s last 7 matches schedule :

11 April : Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid
14 April : Sporting Gijon vs Real Madrid
22 April : Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29 April : Real Madrid vs Sevilla
2 May : Atletico Bilbao vs Real Madrid
6 May : Granada vs Real Madrid
13 May : Real Madrid vs Mallorca

Based on the history and the match list, Real Madrid will have at least 3 more tough matches , which are against  Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla. If Real’s performance is at their  top just like in early month of 2012,  then facing Atletico and Sevilla won’t be a problem for them. But clearly, they’re not at the moment.

And against Barcelona in the next Clasico , the task is even harder since it’ll be at Camp Nou, Barcelona’s sacred plac. And to make it worse, before the El Clasico, Madrid had to concentrate on the next Champions League match against Bayern Munich, which will be held at 17th and 24th April.

Here are Barcelona’s 7 last matches schedule :

10 April : Barcelona vs Getafe
14 April : Levante vs Barcelona
22 April : Barcelona vs Real Madrid
29 April : Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona
2 May : Barcelona vs Malaga
6 May : Barcelona vs Espanyol
13 May : Real Betis vs Barcelona

Based on their history and statistic, Barcelona also face 3 tough opponents, Levante, Espanyol, and Real Madrid. But with their performance lately, we can scratch Levante and Espanyol on the list. Which mean, for Barcelona, the Clasico match is the only game to determine their future in La liga.




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