Real Madrid Comedy Over Espanyol Turns Into Victory

Real Madrid team managed to collect another victory, and add a perfect 3 points last night when they achieved 1-0 winning against Espanyol. But it didn’t came off easily, as they had to started the match with 10 men on the field.

Iker  Casillas got shocked after  the ref gave him a straight red  card which ruled him off the match. Apparently, he was having a rough challenge with Espanyol player, out side the penalty area.

Leaving the match without the goalkeeper was just impossible, so Mou had to called off Angel di Maria, and replace Iker with Adan. Espanyol quickly took the opportunity to attack Ronaldo and the squad, however, Adan did a teriffic job, and made a perfect safe for Los Blancos.

But the situation is equally the same with Espanyol goal keeper. Although Marcelo finally able to score with Ronaldo’s assist, until the match ended, the Whites failed to execute many goal chances to add the score. Adebayor for instance, he turned the match into a comedy when he failed to score 3 golden opportunities after a perfect passing from Ronaldo, and hopelessly watched Espanyol goalkeeper catch the ball repeatedly.

Top scorer Ronaldo also failed a number of goal attempt, with none of them even got close to the goalpost.

The match became more tense near the end, since Espanyol tried to equalize the score, possesing more of the ball to 70%, continued to attack. Real Madrid, despite they play with more defense, still had their chance to fight back. The match ended still with 1- 0 for Los Blancos victory.

With the victory, and 3 points on hand, they’re getting closer to rival Barcelona, who only made a draw last Saturday against Sporting Gijon. The draw also ended Barcelona’s winning record after 16 times of straight victories. Pep Guardiola assumed that the players tired condition after FIFA’s friendly match duty that caused the slip over Sporting Gijon.

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