Poor Judgement From the Ref Has Caused Real Madrid To Be Thrown Out From Champions League Final

There was nothing that can describe on how all the Real Madrid players must’ve felt after failed to qualified for the Champions League Final, following the 1-1 draw against Barcelona at Camp Nou.

It’s not that they didn’t respect the sportiveness on the pitch, but the draw result that made a 3-1 score aggregate from the host has been made by a misjudge and unfair decision by the ref. Higuain’s disallowed goal was pure because of the ref was take side on Barca.

How so ? Higuain’s goal was a clean goal. Ronaldo made a pass to Higuain, who stand freely infront of him. Just when Ronaldo made a passed at him, Pique tried to cut Ronaldo by pushing him, causing him to fell. Macherano who ran infront of Ronaldo (to guard him), also fell because he stand too close at Ronaldo. It was a clear accident, but the ref quickly blew the whistle and called Ronaldo has made a foul on Macherano (seriously !!!). On the same time, Higuain managed to score with the passed from Ronaldo. Camp Nou public gone silence with the goal, and Real Madrid players were ready to celebrate the goal. Such a shame, the ref did what a ref shouldn’t do, he took side on Barcelona, and disallowed the goal.

Despite felt anger of disappointment, Ronaldo and Higuain couldn’t do anything to protest. They knew, it was a waste of time. The ref clearly won’t let Real Madrid to win that night.

Pedro’s goal not too long after the incident has closed all the hopes for the Whites. Even Marcelo’s goal couldn’t rise the spirits from the team.

It was a huge disappointment for all football fans. A prestige football  competition can be tarnished by such a disgracefull thing, done by the ref and professional players. One thing for sure, Barcelona already decided to be the winner that night. And it wasn’t because of the bias judgment from me, the writer, but it was a fact that we can see clearly, if we uphold a fairplay in football.


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