Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Barcelona (29 August 2012) 2nd Leg Supercopa Clasico



Real Madrid was on fire at Bernabeu, when they defeated Barcelona in Supercopa second leg last night. In the first half, the Whites literally squashed their rival, with 2 goals against nothing in just 20 minutes.  We can say that Mourinho has brought Real Madrid to another level.

Gonzalo Higuain scored the opening goal at minute 11th, and soon after that, Cristiano Ronaldo doubled the lead for Real Madrid.

Messi’s goal at the end of first half almost destroyed Mourinho’s plan, but luckily 10 men Barcelona weren’t enough to stop raging players who thinks of the field as their playground. The results, Barcelona player lost their tiki-taka style, and tried to use similar counter attack strategy as Real Madrid. But Barcelona is no master of the strategy, and they have failed despite a couple of nice attempts.

In the end, Real Madrid named as the winner of Supercopa after defeating Barcelona with 2-1.

Here are the pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo on the match :

[fbphotos id=341442032612340]

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