News : Cristiano Ronaldo Denies About Having a Party After El Clasico

Cristiano Ronaldo will take a legal action for “Save Me” program from Telecinco for reporting a false news about him. There are news about the Portuguese was having a party at his house for 2 straight days, at Friday, one day before El Clasico, and Saturday, right after the match.

The first party was reportedly to last until 5 in the next morning, before he continued the second party at Saturday night.”Because of the seriousness of these accusation, I have  instructed my attorneys to, without any contemplation, to use all legal means to reveal the truth of the facts, and ensure that those who responsible are punished” explained Cristiano in his statement.

Yesterday afternoon, 14 April 2010, Cristiano made a statement denying the false reports from the Telecinco, “Save Me” .”It has come to my attention that the program Save me from the Telecinco Spanish television have made some references to alleged party at my house, one on Friday before the match against Barcelona, last until 5 a.m and another on the same day, Saturday night, adorned with various comments intolerable and discredit my dignity and professionalism.I deny these allegations, it was completely false and delusional, far from the truth. With a game in the next day it’s obvious that I spent Friday and Saturday night, resting. My spirit is anything but festive.”

This is not the first time he got accused on being a “Party boy”. Last year, he was falsely accused on having a party with girls on the night club, drinking alcohol, and dancingwhile he was still on a medical treatment for his injury.He then sued the magazine, Nova Gente, won, and donate all the money to Casa do Gil, a project home for children.


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