Nereida’s secret and Ronaldo’s ignorance

Nereida GallardoRonaldo’s transfer saga seems to be a world of war and confusion made of three pillars: The “Great Spanish Giants” Real Madrid, the “English Resistance” Manchester United with in between, the “King of the EPL” Cristiano Ronaldo.

Apparently, this world has taken a new dimension, from soccer issues to celebrity gossips. Is there someone who can influence Ronaldo to stay in England more than Nereida Gallardo?

Well, the summer transfer window is not yet closed so the answer to this question is still a debate. But something which is a reality is that Ronaldo’s girlfriend Nereida is doing all she can to prevent Ronaldo from signing for Real – in other words, from going to Spain and to Madrid especially.

It is true that the Real Mallorca model will be enjoying the limelight like nowhere else in England and perhaps make the Ronaldo – Gallardo couple more popular than the Beckhams. But there’s a truth hidden behind this single fact which prompts Nereida to stay in the U.K with her boyfriend:

It’s simple to understand that Nereida avoids Real Madrid because of one player in particular: Sergio Ramos.

Reports from an English Newspaper claim that she once had an affair with the Spanish defender a night after a party. But Nereida confessed that this “secret” moment of her private life is now part of her past. The Spanish model is trying to keep Ronaldo ignorant from this story thus, preventing him from going to Madrid is a definite solution.

Ronaldo is a jealous companion and with Ramos known to have a teasing character, a bitter rivalry would be quick to build up between the two players if the Portuguese joins Real.

Disunity in the Madrid camp is a huge possibility which could then be an obstacle to the club’s success on the pitch.

Who knows Ronaldo’s inward feelings? This whole secret love story may let him regret his move.

Written by: Angela Asante

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