Nereida reveals the secrets behind Ronaldo’s attractive look

Compare Cristiano Ronaldo’s present charismatic physiognomy to the natural ordinary look he had as a child. The difference is none less than enormous.

And what are the secrets behind this “positive body development” as one may call it? Cosmetics and Beauty care.

Thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend Nereida Gallardo, the public as well as other soccer stars like Thierry Henry, Kaka or even Beckham will now have the opportunity to understand what makes Ronaldo so attractive that he is often voted as the most handsome footballer on the planet.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s lovely tanned skin:

Living life under Madeira’s bright sunshine isn’t what made cute Ronnie’s skin tanned like some other Portuguese naturally are.

“He likes his body to be smooth all over and would even use a hair removal cream,”

Wow, heard that? Okay, what else?

“He would also use tubs of moisturiser, coating every part of his body, at least twice a day,” Nereida revealed.

Cutie Ronaldo’s hairstyle:

“He loves looking at himself and playing with his hair..

“He has curly hair and liked me to use my hair straighteners to do it for him,” the model continued, explaining Ronaldo’s current hairstyle.

In fact, C Ronaldo – now an icon of physically young and mature men – looked more like a little sheep as a kid.

Actually, these are the secrets behind Ronaldo’s sugar pie honey man look: Creams and hair straighteners.

Ah! And by the way, let’s not forget to find out what makes Ronaldo’s body shape some kind of hefty. Well, I guess everyone knows it: body building.

So Cristiano Ronaldo cares quite a lot about his physiognomy, huh! Check out another revelation made by “Our Dear Nereida”.

“His house is full of mirrors so he’s always walking around glancing at himself,”

Woo! That’s an attitude that quite a lot of guys will call ‘gay attitude’… whether jealously or honestly.

Written by: Angela Asante


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