Nereida replaced by new girlfriend, Litizia “The Gaze”

Ronaldo and Nereida

What a pity for Nereida! Letizia Filippi is captivating Ronaldo’s mind. If only Nereida had predicted the consequences of a simple dinner…

It all started one week before Ronaldo split up with her. The three – Nereida, Letizia, and Cristiano – had dinner on a yacht. At that time, Cristiano was Nereida’s boyfriend and Letizia had a man. Certainly, this is the reason why Nereida saw nothing “risky” with having lunch with Ronnie and the 30 year old model Letizia Filippi.

However, Cristiano is a young man easily seduced by beautiful brunettes. Age seems to be of no importance as Letizia is seven years older than him. Nereida should have remembered that Cristiano was just 20 years old when he dated the 32-year-old Spanish star Mercedes Romero.

Either way, Ronaldo and Letizia exchanged a number of glances during the dinner – which Nereida perhaps did not notice. That night, Cristiano attempted to give his number to Letizia but she rejected it. An Italian newspaper has reported that she gave him a ‘gaze that melted him like an icicle in the Sun’ and this gaze has not only consumed Ronaldo but Nereida as well.

A source near Nereida revealed that the Spanish model often used to text Ronaldo to know what was going on when she suspected her boyfriend was tired of her. Ronaldo would text back saying not to worry. She then called him, but he would not pick up the phone – which subsequently angered Nereida.

“I’ve believed my man when he said he was being faithful,” Nereida said to a pal, “– but these pictures look like he is a rat. He has some explaining to do.”

Well, it seems Ronaldo’s explanation is simple: he is so in love with “The Gaze” to whom he offered flowers. Besides, he is not the man Nereida thought he was: Ronaldo has many feelings and rather than being a jealous lover, he is a real womanizer.

What a pity for Nereida! The “Ramos incident” was not the true cause why Ronaldo broke up with her. It was all because of one famous woman, a hot lady named Letizia aka “The Gaze” – now Nereida’s rival.

Written by: Angela Asante

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