Nereida Gallardo Claims That Cristiano Jnr’s Mother Is A British Teenager

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex- girlfriend Nereida Gallardo claims that Ronaldo’ s baby mother is a British teenager after contacting the girl personally.

Ronaldo announced unexpectedly that he had a baby a month ago. Reports claims that the mother is an American waitress, and he paid her £10 million to keep quiet and give sole rights for the baby. But the Portuguese ace ex- girlfriend came to reveal the mother’s identity.

The questions are, why did the teenage girl chose Nereida and not other source to reveal the news ? Or maybe is Nereida making this up to ruin Ronaldo’s reputation after he broke up with her?

Well, there is many suspicious thoughts about this incident, Nereida told a Spanish TV show that she contacted the 19 years old girl and the girl told her that she is pregnant from Ronaldo months ago, it’s claimed that the girl now lives in the States. Gallardo said: “I cannot say 100 per cent what she told me is true but she did contact me several months before it became public knowledge that Cristiano was a dad.”

Well this make another question, why did Nereida waited this long to reveal this shocker ? It’s all confusion is Nereida saying the truth or making this up ?

Ghiwa Abi Haidar,

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