Nereida Gallardo Claims She Knows Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. Biological Mother

This woman just never quit to make Cristiano lives miserable. Whether she was with him or not, she always manage to run story to the media about his privacy.

Recently, she claims to a Spanish TV that she was being contact with the biological mother of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr via Facebook, when the lady was still pregnant at the moment.

The mysterious woman, said to be a 19 yrs old college student from London, but now lives in US.

“I cannot say 100% what she told me is true, but she did contact me several months before it became public knowledge that Cristiano was a dad,” stated Nereida on the interview.cristiano

Nereida also added that she’s not surprise by the news, since he likes a one-night stand and prefer not to use protection. And more to it, the girl had told her about a confidential contract in which she agreed to never reveal her true identity as Cristiano Jr real mom. It’s still a mystery though, why she start on telling Nereida, the evil ex ….

About the payment for her silence, she had not mention it. Well I guess maybe she was afraid that Nereida will asked to split it with her.

Following her reputation, it’s hard to believe everything that she said….why she chose to opens it now, not sooner, that is the question…


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