Money motivates

Cristiano Ronaldo has answered to United’s call saying he will be back from his holidays for the club’s pre-season tour. If the player keeps his promise, it’s almost certain that he will stay at Old Trafford next season.

However, though it’s understood that Real Madrid wanted to complete his signing on July 7th (something which wouldn’t be possible if Ronaldo plays for Manchester in the tour), a transfer could still be done in the last moments of the transfer windows.

But would the European Champions let this happen?
It is obvious that the English side would do their best to keep their star; it has been reported that they were ready to increase Ronaldo’s salary should it be a solution to keep him at the club.

On the other side, rumors suggest that the Portuguese winger agreed to remain in his current team because of Real Madrid’s attitude regarding his value in terms of payment. Earlier in the week, President Ramon Calderon dismissed claims that his club would splash 100 million euros to get the superstar as he declared that no footballer deserved to be transferred at this price.

Meanwhile, despite his desire to leave England for Spain, Ronaldo made it clear that Madrid should pay Manchester United the right amount before he could join them. But with Ramon Calderon reducing the maximum fee to 85 million euros, it doesn’t seem like a move will be done in some few days to come.

Perhaps Cristiano Ronaldo wants to feel much more respected for the talent he has. As a result, the transfer saga could continue until he is satisfied with the amount that Real Madrid will offer.

Written by: Angela Asante

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