Match Review : Borussia Dortmund 4-1 Real Madrid (24 April 2013) Champions League – How it Happened


Once again, German team showed their supremacy as they trashed one of the biggest team in Europe, Real Madrid. After Bayern Munchen managed to humiliate Barcelona with a fine 4 goals to nothing, last night Borussia Dortmund followed their step by a shocking win 4-1 over Madrid.

With this result, came to question. Will the 2 Spanish Giants make an ultimate turnover on the second leg ? Well, although it  seems doubtful, but anything could happen in football.

Anyway, now let’s talk about the match. On this game, coach Mourinho played his favorite 4-4-2 formation, while Dortmund used a brave 4-5-1 formation,  with Robert Lewandowski as a solo striker. Apparently, Dortmund choice of strategy was proven to be better on the game. The fact, in just 8 minute after the match started, Lewandowski scored a smart opening goal.

It was hard even just to keep up with Dortmund offensive play, but finally with a hard effort, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to equalize the score few minutes before the break.

On the second half, Dortmund kept pushing Madrid’s defense aggressively. 5 minutes after the break, Lewandowski doubled the point. And soon it became a nightmare, as the solo striker again scored the third goal, made his hattrick 5 minutes later. 3-1 for Dortmund lead.

Real Madrid must’ve turned desperate as Xabi Alonso pushed  Marco Reus on the penalty box at minute 65th. Lewandowski succeeded on doing his job as the executor, nested his fourth goal.

Until the match ended, Dortmund lead hasn’t changed. Madrid had to leave home with a 1-4 loss. No doubt, they need a miracle if they want to survive to the final, and probably an extra 13th player on the field…

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