Manchester United videos: Watch Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt at Old Trafford now!!!!!

Watch Manchester United lift the English Premiership title at Old Trafford here! Just click on “Read More” and view all the celebrations of the Red Devils.

I have also added Usain Bolt’s visit to Old Trafford; the 22-year-old Jamaican sprinter and Ronaldo supporter was one of the big personalities who witnessed Manchester United’s triumph on Saturday as they lifted the EPL Title in front of their own fans.

You will also see a funny interview of Cristiano Ronaldo and Anderson together. Don’t miss out on all these! Click on “Read More” now!


Manchester United title celebrations and Fergie’s interview:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Anderson’s funny interview:

Usain Bolt’s visit to Old Trafford:

Please forgive me if I couldn’t find the video highlights of Manchester United’s draw against Arsenal on Saturday.

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