Manchester United supporters, Ronaldo needs you

Ronaldo may win games for the Reds when he comes back from injury, but will he win the fans? Cristiano Ronaldo is once again the subject of criticism in England as he was two years ago following the infamous story of Rooney’s red card at the World Cup.

The last time around, his amazing progress in terms of performance – which helped Fergie to grab his first league title in four years – enabled him to win over Manchester United fans.

Now, it seems that supporters will not give him a second chance – in other words, be impressed by the controversial number 7, even if he carries United to football glory.

Arrogant, undisciplined, unfaithful, greedy, and selfish are the words that Manchester United fans employ to describe Ronaldo. Is their judgement towards the 23-year-old superstar right? Aren’t they committing a mistake and reacting cruelly towards him?

Ronaldo’s true face is maybe completely different from the one people created about him during the long-running saga. It seems there is more to Ronaldo’s decision of moving to Madrid than his desire to fulfil his dream and enjoy fame.

The winger is still a very young man but at only 23, he has already gone through so many things in his life. Since he was 14 years of age Ronaldo, who is the youngest in his family, had to supply financially his parents as well as his sisters and his older brother Hugo.

Ronaldo unfortunately could not prevent his 52-year-old father Dinis Aveiro from passing away. Nevertheless, his money helped Hugo (formerly a drug addict) to escape death and his sister Elma to open a shop (CR7) and live a good life.

As Fergie went on to say in an interview, it is very understandable why Ronaldo opted to join Madrid who were ready to pay him more than 130 000 pounds (tax-free) a week.. Cristiano has been inspired throughout his life by the support of his mother, and the winger will splash whatever money it takes to help her combat the breast cancer disease she is suffering from.

After hearing all these explanations, are Manchester United fans still going to accuse Ronaldo and boo him?…Maybe they should think twice.

Ronaldo is perhaps a lot more caring and kind than people think he is. During the saga, his love for his family has really shown. According to his own opinion, Ronaldo likes Manchester and will play for the club next season with full commitment.

United supporters should remember his comments after the Champions League final: “I don’t promise anything to the fans or to my mum,” Ronaldo said, adding that his desire was to remain at Old Trafford.

So, is Ronaldo that hateful? Does he really deserve to be insulted like this? Manchester United fans should help Ronaldo come in from the cold.

Written by: Angela Asante


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