Jorge Valdano: Anxious Ronaldo will be at his full best

Jorge Valdano and Cristiano Ronaldo

Jorge Valdano and Cristiano Ronaldo

The current World Player of the Year is certainly good in Real Madrid but not awesome, according to a majority of football fans around the world.
Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to dazzle, fool defenders, shoot and score, as he did during his spell at Manchester United.

However, Real Madrid’s director Jorge Valdano thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo’s slowness to prove his € 94 million value is just a matter of anxiety. The Argentine man explained:

“We saw this with Zidane. He [Cristiano] may have some anxiety because he is professional and is always trying to be the best.

“I liked what I saw in the first game; he scored a penalty and was involved in a couple of good moves. If we wait a few games we will see who he really is.”

Meanwhile, ahead of Saturday’s La Liga encounter in Barcelona, Espanyol’s new skipper Ivan de la Pena declared:

“Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t have to prove anything. I saw him play against Deportivo La Coruna and I liked him.”

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo got his name on the scoring sheet on the first day of the season thanks to a well-taken penalty goal. Still, statistics prove that Ronaldo couldn’t manage accurate shots on target.

So, is Ivan de la Pena speaking the whole truth or is he trying to play the mind game?

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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