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Four days remain before CRF’s Best Fan of the Year contest comes to an end and the top 5 has been cut to 4. Adrian, Diana, Enxhi and Getoar are all in the running to become CRF’s best or second best fan of the year while Ulrik Fredrik is definitely out of the race due to a couple of reasons.

I, CRF’s Editor in Chief, Angela Asante aka J’Lah, went to find out everyone’s thoughts and opinion concerning the contest. At my delight, I realized that the level of enthusiasm was high enough to give this first ever CRF contest its deserved significance.

Competition current leader Adrian relishing the top spot

The CRF Best Fan of the Year contest surely wouldn’t have been the same if it had been created four months earlier. Adrian’s name was nowhere to find on CRF last year which supposes that I wouldn’t have picked him into my favorite top five.

Speaking in an interview with me, J’Lah, Adrian avowed his surprise at being selected in CRF’s Top five fans of the year. This inclusion helped him to have a better campaign; the 15-year-old student currently tops the rest in the statistic by an overwhelming margin, and he is keen on holding on to his lead.

“I don`t even think about the last spot,” Adrian responded when asked about his chances of winning the first or second place.

“Now I’m on the first place but I won`t let my guard down until this competition ends.”

However, Adrian also explained that he would welcome the final results – still very much unknown at the moment as my votes might have a huge impact on the outcome of the competition.

“I’ll be very happy even with the second place. I`ve discovered the CRF site in January and in this short time, I have become so popular,” he explained.

“This is a big achievement for me. And I made some cool friends. It’s a good experience.”

The competition’s current leader is very modest though and wouldn’t even try and pick up his top two winners.

“At the moment I’m on the 1st place, and Diana on second spot. It`s not me to decide who will be first and second; it`s up to CRF’s chief editor,” he declared before concluding:

“Only she knows who is worth winning.”

Pessimist Getoar and hopeful Enxhi

Both of them want to win the contest but it looks like Getoar is already ruling himself out of the top two before the final day.

“I dream of winning. I don’t have a chance of being second. I have a chance of taking the third place.”

Getoar tipped Adrian and Diana respectively as the two winners of the competition.

“I think Adrian is the best fan of the year,” Geti avowed in appraisal of his adversary, before anticipating the future:

“When I lose, I will feel like I’m a loser.”

But the 14-year-old youngster has certainly no idea how the competition might turn out in the very last moments. However, is female counterpart, Enxhi, is very hopeful and enthusiastic about the whole thing.

The Albanian young girl revealed her surprise at being chosen in CRF’s top five fans of the year and despite lying third in the statistics and unsure about her chances of winning the first or the second place, she’s still out to challenge.

“I don’t know if I’ll win… It’s my dream to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Fan of the Year…Please vote for me!”

Then looking at the effects that she might feel if she were to lose, she stated:

“I will feel so bad… But it’s not important to be Cristiano Ronaldo’s best fan because I’m his sister of heart…

When it came to picking her deserved two winners, she joked:

“Adrian and me… I hope.”

Dia eying a second place finish

Well, I understand that surprise was everyone’s sensation when they saw their name included in the top five of the Fan of the Year contest… Dia wasn’t less astonished by that than the rest, but now that she is in a good position in the challenge for the title, she is keen to maintain the second spot.

Read her full interview with me, CRF’s Editor in Chief, J’Lah:

“You were chosen in CRF’s top 5 contenders for the Best Fan of the Year Award. Did this come as a surprise to you?”

“In all honesty, yes—yes it did. I’ve only been going on CRF for a couple months and wasn’t aware of any awards for participation. So when I saw my name on the CRF poll I was pleasantly surprised.”

“How do you see your chances of winning the first place or at least the second and last spot at the end of the competition?”

“From what I can tell from the poll chart, I won’t be winning the first place. Which is fine. No hard feelings or anything. Clearly they preferred Adrian or “Someone Else”, whoever that might be. I feel I could possibly win second through some miracle? If not that, then for sure secure the third place! No shame in that right?”

“How would you feel if you don’t finish first or second? In other words, if you lose, given the fact that the last word goes to CRF’s Chief Editor?”

“Well J’Lah, if I didn’t win first or second place—then frankly my dear, I might just have to kill myself. LOL, no; just kidding! I have a horrible sense of humor, nothing could possibly ever push me that far. No, if I were to lose I would take it with a grain of salt. I’d feel happy for those that did win and be pleased that I was even considered for this great opportunity. In the end we’re all Cristiano supporters and that fact alone makes us all winners!”

“Tell us honestly, who do you think will win the first and then second place?”

“First place, my money is on Adrian. He’s a good kid from what I can tell, and I truly appreciate the sunny disposition he has in all his comments. He seems to know what his talking about and the guy always seems to be the first to post in every article.

“Coming in second place—well this is where it gets tricky for me. I don’t want it to seem like I have a massive ego, but I think I could possibly round off to the position. What gives me this great confidence? Mainly because the top vote-ie, “Someone Else”, has never been clarified. Maybe they have and I wasn’t paying attention, still it’s between the mystery person versus me….and in all honestly, I hope it’s me.”

So these are the opinions and thoughts of our dear contenders. Once again, thanks a lot for allowing me to make these interviews, my dears!

The final judgment is about to be revealed…

Written by: Angela Asante

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