Is Ronaldo’s trip to Portugal worth the effort?

The year 2009 is starting rather slowly for Rocket Ronnie. No training, no games for the moment; the reigning Ballon d’Or winner is out of England – and out of football in a sense – for one purpose: to find back the sparkling consistent form he once had, to be the invincible conqueror he once was.

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson believes that letting Ronaldo enjoy a longer period of holidays in his home country Portugal is the perfect remedy for the player to rediscover his missing outstanding shape.

But in what way will this solution have an impact on Ronaldo’s performances this season?

The 23 year old earlier made statements in November that he felt homesick when living in Manchester, pointing out the rainy weather of the area as the cause of his nostalgia.

Certainly, returning to Portugal where beaches and the sun are elements that describe the country’s atmosphere, might appease Ronaldo who has had to struggle with his temperament in recent months.
In other words, he may regain the concentration he had been lacking of after enduring frustrating moments this season.

However, one could suggest that Ronaldo’s current behaviour and form are manifestations of his psychological dissatisfaction – created after his dream of joining Madrid last summer collapsed. In a more direct way, one could wonder if Ferguson is not being stubborn instead of realistic with his idea of sending the Star winger back in Portugal to recuperate from the homesick emotion he feels in Manchester.

The Scot succeeded against Franco’s Madridists to keep the number 7 superstar at Old Trafford. But will he succeed to keep ‘the real’ determined and passionate Cristiano Ronaldo?

This remains a real doubt…

Written by: Angela Asante

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