Is Letizia Filippi random play or Cristiano’s girlfriend of choice?

Letizia Filippi

It has been reported that Cristiano Ronaldo has met Italian model Letizia Filippi on several occasions and that he was immediately hooked. She delivered a ‘gaze that melted him like an icicle in the sun’ one Italian paper reports.

Some even say she’s the cause of the recent break up with Nereida Gallardo.

Letizia, now 30, lives in Rome and her career took off when she finished third in Miss Italia 1994. After that she has worked in TV and has appeared on Italian TV show Buona Domenica (‘The Good Sunday’).

Letizia in an interview by London’s Daily Mail talked about what she’s looking for in a man:
”He must make me feel important,” and she continues, ”I adore feeling loved. He must say: ‘Everyone is looking at you,’ even if it’s not true.”

At this stage everyone is looking at you Letizia, Ronaldo is a real media magnet! But is he a true romantic that can fulfil your wishes, or is he just a young man looking for an off-the-field score?

We’ll wait and see what happens between these two great looking stars, will they spark, or will they fade?

Photo source: The Spoiler

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