Is Cristiano Ronaldo the Man to Blame for Clasico Loss ??

cristiano ronaldo clasico

Judging from his performance during the whole 90 minutes on the Clasico match, it was clear that Cristiano Ronaldo failed to give any positive contribution to the team. He often made inaccurate passes, poor dribbling, and also failed in his role as a playmaker.

And the worst thing, he threw away at least 2 golden chance to score . In minute 24th, he had an easy face-to-face shot with Valdez, that could doubled the point for Madrid. But he failed to execute the ball as it went to high and wide. He also wasted another opportunity when in minute 65th his header again was too wide.

Can’t hardly imagine, a player that’s being paid at least for € 10 million per year can’t even catch his breath after playing for over than 45 minutes. He has an amazing body from his crazy work-out regime, and hours of football train everyday, yet somehow he lost all his ability.

The Public of Bernabeu were  annoyed by his  poor performances. They threw their scorn, as he again decided his luck on a second free kick.

A Spanish radio station reported that Ronaldo fans booed him as he left the stadium. But for coach Mourinho, he can never do wrong.

“In normal circumstances we can do it because we had a fantastic player. Cristiano Ronaldo is a  figure that usually score goals,” said Mourinho.

According to daily Marca survey, Ronaldo  scored the lowest with 1.8. Karim Benzema, who scored the only goal for Madrid scored 6.9, followed by Iker Casillas with 5.6 over a number of goal he conceded.  With the this statistic, could this mean Ronaldo is the right person to be blame, or he just being the scapegoat ?


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