Irina Shayk Interviews After SI Project

Yesterday, Irina Shayk appeared on The late Show with David Letterman, where she talks about her swimsuit shoots in Sports Illustration. She looked drop dead gorgeous, wearing a backless short mini dress, showing off her bare sexy legs.

Not just with David Letterman, she also made some other interviews, including with CNBC. But none of the interviews has she mentioned about her relationship with CR. When she got asked about CR with ET, she only answered,”You can ask, but I won’t say anything. It’s all about secret with Russian woman. You know, like KGB…”

Like all woman who dream to be succesfull on her career, she’s now on her peak, and wants to keep it that way. Before, she known only as CR girlfriend, and the SI covergirl project certainly brings her to a new level on her modelling career.

And now, she’s got everything. A famous and handsome boyfriend, a great career, beauty, and also brain. Yes, Irina is a smart woman that prefers to read literature than watch TV or internet. She didn’t even have a TV until SI gave her a 3D Television recently.irina

“The nice thing about this Sports Illustrated tour is that I finally got a TV this year, the first I’ve had in three years in New York,”said Irina.

“I’m on the road around half of the year, so I had to explain to my friends when they came to my apartment and saw that I had no internet, no television, no food in my refrigerator, “Look, I don’t really live here. I live in planes.” I’m enjoying it, though,”she added.

Who needs TV when you have everything, right ?


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