Irina Shayk : “Cristiano Ronaldo is Very Cute”

Before dating Cristiano Ronaldo, no one actually knows Irina Shayk, apart that she is a model. But now, she became the Headlines, and media was all over her. So, who is exactly Irina?

Irina was born on January 6, 1986 in Emanzhelinsk, a small city in Russia. She used to be the tallest girl in the class, with a height around 178 cm. With her sexy figure,  almost every boys in the school attracted to her. But not Irina, she only interested in her study, without even dreamed to enter a beauty pageant.irina pics

In middle school, she wanted to become a teacher of literature. She also had a passion in music, and love to sing in a choir and played the piano beautifully.

Her mother worked as a music teacher in kindergarten,while her father was a mine worker. Unfortunately he died from a fever.

Irina always been a tall, thin and beautiful girl, which probably be the reason Cristiano interested in her at he first time. They both met in Armani photoshoot and began dating ever since.


Irina oldest sister, Tatiana said ,“Me and mom are very happy for her but we told her not to rush with it. Cristiano is a nice guy, a talented footballer with an army of fangirls . But the man lives in a different countries and their feelings should get tested by time.”

One of her Russian friend made a comment about their relationship, “They say in Internet that Cristiano and Irina are using each other. Him for her gorgeous body and she for his fame. It’s bullshit. They’re two self-sufficient and megapopular person who just date now. It’s doubtful that Cristiano will marry her, as much as Irina wants it. The only thing I’m agree with, is that Irina made her way in fashion world not only using her beauty.”irina2

Irina started her career when she won a local “Supermodel contest” in 2004, where she was handed a statuette of the Golden Galatea worth 60,000 rubles . After winning the contest, she got numerous offers of photo shoots, and went to Moscow, where she performed brilliantly at “Supermodel Russia”.

After that, she started to have a professional carreer, which also brought her to be a model for Armani .

After the couple met, she told her family about him and called him “very cute”. It didn’t take too long for Irina to “fell” for the Portuguese winger. Now that they live separately, Irina in New York – while Cristiano in Spain, will the relationship survive ?



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