If Ronaldo had a twin…

Ronaldo Transfer SagaWhat a saga! There are so many people involved in Ronaldo’s transfer story. It’s not only made up of Real Madrid, Manchester United and Ronaldo, but also of his family and friends.

In between the great Pelé and the reigning footballer of the year Kaka, there are superstars like Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal who contribute in widening the dimension of the transfer saga.

The most incredible part of this saga is the amount of different zones people have ended up in:

On one side, there is Cristiano Ronaldo – supported by two Madridists: the king of clay Nadal and the Spanish pop star Enrique Iglesias who are both keen on seeing the Portuguese play for Real.

On the other, there’s Pelé who supports Manchester United’s opinion that Ronaldo should honour his contract. Ironically, Madrid players also find themselves in this ‘zone’ after publicly handing Ronaldo a snub on Wednesday night.

Then in a completely different group, there is Ramon Calderon who would love to sign Ronaldo but who is very uncertain – like Ronaldo’s family – about the finalisation of a deal.

As for Ricardo Kaka, he since hasn’t made any comments on the transfer saga like Beckham, Cannavaro or Nilsterooy all did. The loyal Rossoneri ace only confessed his admiration towards Ronaldo to the Italian sport magazine La Gazetta Dello Sport. He stated that Ronaldo had done a lot for the Red Devils to achieve both the EPL and the Champions League title and that therefore, the Portuguese deserved to succeed him as the world’s best player.

Either way, the ultimate question still remains: how is the transfer saga going to end?

In two weeks, Cristiano Ronaldo will be in talks with Alex Ferguson – a meeting that could reveal the final part of the saga. From a Ronaldo fan point of view, there is dream, honour, and self-respect to follow. If Ronaldo had a twin, all the questions and inconveniences in this “war” would have been resolved – as one could have remained at Old Trafford, and the other, leave for Real.

Best of all, the December awards would have revealed which decision was the better one – to stay in England or to move to Madrid.

Written by: Angela Asante

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